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Share a ride around Australia

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9/1/08 02:29 pm - baglieg

Anybody want to go from Canberra to Melbourne (and back) for the weekend? I need another driver so I don't fall asleep and kill myself...

8/5/07 11:29 pm - talula_thursday

I've just booked a plane ticket from Perth to Melbourne over Halloween, and seeing as I don't have enough money this week to by the ticket home, I thought I'd ask:

is anyone travelling to Perth from Melbourne at the end of October?

I'm a 23 year old female, student photographer, vaguely alternative and very friendly, and I've always wanted to go on a road trip. I would annoyingly want to stop every 10 minutes so that I could take pictures, but aside from that I'm a good travel companion and would be able to split all costs.

Thank you!

7/13/07 12:28 am - psychronic - MIFF

anyone heading down to melbourne from sydney (and back) between 25 july and 12 august? i want to go down for the melbourne international film festival. i don't plan on staying the entire 19 days but just a ride either way sometime in that period would be great. will pay for share of all costs and can be quiet or talkative depending on your mood. cheers.

6/12/07 03:28 pm - eviscerate - Brisbane<->Perth

So like .. anyone stupid enough to wanna go from QLD to WA? And then back again... from Jul 02 sometime...

1/18/06 08:31 am - threeparts - Brisbane to Maroochydore

I'd like to get a ride up to Maroochydore from Brisbane on the 27th of Jan and/or back on the 28th. Very willing to pay my way, one bag, broad taste in driving music, won't smoke if you don't want me to. 100% certified sane and really quite nice. :)

Anyone going my way?

1/13/06 02:51 am - shadako - Mt Isa

Anyone going to Mt Isa from Brisbane anytime before 20th of February? I will split fuel etc. Basically, going to Mt Isa (by plane or bus) to see my friends is going to cost me as much as a flight to NZ, so I am trying to get a lift to Mt Isa or from there to brisbane, so the cost is reduced. Aiming for below $200 each way. Any help would be appreciated.

1/2/06 07:42 pm - benneh_boy3

I'll get the ball rolling and just introduce this community to everyone who wants to know whats going on.

Basically, I was thinking of going to Melbourne from Adelaide this week, but I wanted to share the cost of fuel. So I hit up LJ and of course, couldn't find a community for what I wanted. So yeah, I made one..

I've heard of companies actually charging to connect people which is a tad bullshit - you're obviously looking for a cheap way to get around.. why have another cost involved?! Anyways. Yeah, I hope this community actually helps people save a few bucks and have a shitload of fun along the way. Join up and keep your eye on here, and think of this community during the various music festivals that occur throughout the year.
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